Notice on Postponing the 2020 Spring Semester


Dear SHNU international students

You may have already learnt from mass media, your professors (teachers) and classmates about the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) in China. In accordance with the guidelines of Politburo Standing Committee and the Notice of Prevention of COVID-19 of Shanghai Municipal Government issued on Jan. 25th, the prevention and the control of the spread of the epidemic has become a top priority. Following the unified arrangements by China’s Central government and Shanghai municipal government, SHNU has decided to postpone the beginning of the 2020 spring semester, in order to safeguard the safety and health of each student and staff.

The date for returning to the campus remains to be decided.


Students who have already booked return tickets please timely apply for refund or rescheduling.


In case you have to return due to particular reasons, you must report to your school counselor or supervisor in advance, informing them of the explanations and previous itineraries before you win the university’s approval. You are supposed to release all the information about visiting virus-stricken areas and about being exposed to such virus-carriers.

All returned students would be put in quarantine arranged by SHNU and receive medical observations on such conditions as fever, cough, hypodynamia or any other respiratory difficulties.


We deeply regret the inconveniences brought to you by this sudden and unpredictable epidemic. We sincerely hope to have your kind understanding and cooperation on this occasion.


SHNU Team of Prevention on COVID-19 Epidemic(s)